Indoor fun at Korum Mall for Kids.

Welcome to Zoobee Doobee

A space specially designed to take your child on an eduventure and give them an experience to remember!
An extraordinary indoor play area that is exclusively designed for children aged 6months to 12years.  We will be open seven days a week.
It is an unstructured free play area, where your children can come and burn some energy in a safe and clean environment supervised by our fun loving staff.

Our play area consists of two play zones (Toddler and Junior).  The variety of our soft play equipment meets all the safety standards.

We have a fully functional café and a birthday party area which makes ‘Zoobee Doobee’ a perfect place to host birthday parties, play dates and school group activities. We offer CCTV monitors and adhere to all fire safety regulations.

A place where you can relax at our café, browse through the newspapers, selected books and magazines.

So get ready to have some real good time in Zoobee Doobee style, where your kids play and your face has a smile!

Why Zoobee Doobee?

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Child Friendly Space

Colours and lights are designed keeping your child in mind for them to feel comfortable and more with ease

Kid's Safety

All the toys /equipment in the play area are made of FIRE RESISTANT & NON-TOXIC MATERIAL.

CCTV Surveillance facility all over to make it A SECURED PLACE

Play Area

Keeps them active , healthy and encourages creativity

Screen Free Time

Let’s give those eyes some rest and do the Zoobee Doobee

Quality Time for Parents

Parents can indulge in some good food and coffee. spend some time with books or explore the mall while their kids get busy having fun.

Social Quotient

At Zoobee Doobee, we aim to build communities and develop social skills among children and parents.

Indoor Games

Kids that play more, grow more!
Playing is one of the most healthy activities for kids.

Indoor play area is a nice alternative where there is lack of outdoor play area and good option for a very hot & rainy day 


Soft Play Area


Wall Climbing

Sand Play Area

Arcade Games

Pit Ball Pool

Celebration and fun activities

Birthday Celebration

Celebrate your kid’s birthday at Zoobee Doobee and make it ‘The Most Memorable Birthday’.

We focus on planning custom made birthday parties to make the birthday child and your guests feel special and let them have an enjoyable time.

Picnic at Zoobee Doobee

 Zoobee Doobee fills your day with plenty of joyful memories to treasure. We specialize in creating a totally “never-experienced-before” feeling for toddlers and nursery kids.

(Please inform in advance about the age groups & help us create an awesome experience for everyone!)

Play Laugh Celebrate

Zoobee Doobee provides an ideal environment for children to gather, play, socialise, and improve their skill sets.

Children can learn a lot from kids their own age. But there’s also plenty they can learn from older and younger children, as well.



More Fun Activities...


  • Movies, Activities, Art & Craft Classes
  • Game of cards( Wednesday afternoon)
  • Right Brain Education. Workshops
  • and More Fun Events



Delicious food

Our food cafe is designed keeping all age groups in mind with keeping quality and hygiene first.

After enjoying the quality time with each other you can enjoy our delicious food with family.

Upcoming Events

Zoobee Doobee always plans special events for Kids, parents and even for grandparents on special occasions.


25th December: Christmas Party

Get In Touch


Mobile No : 887 900 3135 , 843 363 0899 


3rd floor Korum Mall, Eastern express highway, Samata Nagar Thane west 400606.



10 AM – 10 PM (open for  7 days)

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Rules & Regulations

Rules & Regulations
  • Children can use the facility only when accompanied by an adult (above 18 years).
  • Zoobee Doobee play-area is for children aged 18months to 12 years. Only children below 3years are allowed in the toddler area. Children above 12 years are not permitted.
  • Our play facilitators are strategically placed in the play area to monitor and ensure your child’s safety. However, there is always a risk when children play together, so it is the responsibility of the parents/ caretakers to supervise them closely.
  • Identification (Pancard, Aadhar card or Driver’s license) may be required as proof of age or family status.

  • Zoobee Doobee cannot be held responsible for any accidents or injuries that may occur due to carelessness and negligence by the accompanied adult.

  • No male servants or drivers will be allowed in the Zoobee Doobee premises.
  • Zoobee Doobee is an inclusive play-area, we encourage differently abled children to play amongst the other kids. You are requested to be accommodating and respectful of them.
  • Please cooperate with us to maintain the hygiene and safety of the play area at all times :
      • Food and drinks are strictly prohibited in the play-area.
      • Socks must be worn at all times by the parents/ guardians. No shoes or going barefoot is allowed in the premises. Socks are available for purchase at the reception desk.
      • Please encourage your child to use the washroom before entering the play-area.
      • No climbing the slides or any exterior parts of the equipment. While coming down the slide, only feet first position is allowed.
      • Any sharp or hard objects like jewellery, buckles, toys, etc. must be removed before entering the play-area.
      • Any child who is unwell or with recent injuries is advised not to enter the play-area.
      • Children may be asked to leave the play-area, if they are found misbehaving, bullying others or playing rough.
      • Children are encouraged to wear trousers or leggings to avoid risks of personal injuries.
  • Smoking, alcohol and chewing gum on the premises is strictly prohibited.
  • No cameras will be allowed in the premises, except during Birthday Parties or Special Events. Videography is strictly prohibited.
  • Outside food or drinks not allowed on the premises (except infant food and children’s water bottles). Food and drinks can be purchased at the Zoobee Doobee café.
  • Zoobee Doobee reserves the right to revoke the privileges and the rights of the guests or to remove anyone from the premises, in case of aggressive/violent behavior towards other guests or our staff. Any damages caused by bad behavior or misuse will be charged to the guest/member.
  • Please be polite, respectful and considerate towards other children, adults, and our staff.
  • Please remember to always ask for a receipt upon the payment of your bill.
  • Additional charges will be applicable when the guest exceeds the time-slot agreed upon.
  • Our management will not take any responsibility for any lost, stolen or damaged personal belongings.